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Here,airline shipping services are arranged and arranged road travels can be made over short distances

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All our kittens come with a health certificate from a certified vet and also a 1 year written guarantee from us


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Ragdoll cat breed have a diverse diet,high in vitamins and proteins.They need good sources of meat too,not just anything


Generally,Ragdolls are very healthy kittens though a few encounter a few health condition


Ragdoll kittens are said to have a calm,docile and floppy nature,these characteristics have been passed down from the Persian kittens and the Birman breeds

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Meet their parents


Meet Jane a proud mother of 4.The 7 year old is a very fun loving cat and a cat you will want to be around.She is friendly,charming and an absolute beauty.


Born in 2011,she is calm and a perfect cat.Was bred by us and a perfect play lover.She is a proud mother of 6.Very friendly and a very fun loving cat.


Meet Harry,a perfect male.fun loving,playful and a perfect cat to keep.He is calm,always happy and of course a cutie


Meet Chiez,a cutie of 8 years old.Calm and gentle and a perfect play mate.

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Thanks alot,i received my kitten from the airport and it has been 2 weeks already she is very healthy and the best part is she is very friendly and fun to be with,Again am so greatful
Mila Kunis

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Never had a pet before but after getting a Ragdoll kitten from you guys i'll say is indeed a great experience and it feels so good keeping a kitten around,i dont know if all other kittens are this nice and fun to be with or just Ragdolls.Thanks for giving me this experience
Mike Sendler

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